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Florida radar and mold and air-conditioning sells and installs all Honeywell products. We are proud to sell Honeywell thermostat that can hook up to the internet. This is a thermostat that will call you wherever you are in the United States to let you know if there’s a problem with your ac system. Honeywell thermostat‘s are like having somebody checking your home while you’re away. You can check the temperature humidity level and if you wish let you know right away if you have a problem when you’re away from the home. These can be a lifesaver for your home. Better to find out you have an ac problem right away, compared to coming home and finding the machine off and you have expensive mold damage.

Florida Radon, Mold and Air-conditioning also offer Honeywell water sensors. These changes will call you up no matter where you are in the United States to let you know right away if you have a leak in your hot water heater, or have a leaking air handler. As a mold company, we can’t express enough how important this unit can be. Every year we have to fix homes that have tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of water and mold damage. As we all know hot water heaters and air-conditioners have a habit of breaking when we are away. Everyone knows that Honeywell makes the best and most dependable equipment on the market

Free air conditioning inspection included with radon and mold testing.