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If you are looking for a professional who can perform a thorough radon test around your property, we invite you to contact Florida Radon Mold & Air Conditioning LLC. Offering the most comprehensive commercial and residential radon testing services, we are here to give your building’s inhabitants peace of mind.

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Radon Testing Services for You

There are those who think that residential property owners do not require radon testing services—but that isn’t the case. Any property stands to benefit from the peace of mind that comes from a thorough radon test. Radon is not a gas produced in industrial facilities, after all. Radon is a naturally occurring gas found in the earth’s soil. When the uranium in soil and rock breaks down, this odorless gas has the potential to seep into households. While small amounts of radon in open-air environments might not be a problem, it is always wise to make sure your home is free of radon.

Professional Radon Detection in Miami

If you’re worried about the radon levels in your home or business, start thinking about the best detection method for your building. Several DIY methods promise effective radon detection you can do yourself. However, when it comes to protecting your loved ones or valuable clientele from radon, it’s usually best to trust a professional for the detection process.

When you opt to do a DIY radon detection, you’re risking missing simple signs of dangerous levels, leaving you and anyone who uses your space in danger. Don’t cut corners when it comes to the air you breathe. You need to ensure your building’s atmosphere is safe and healthy at all times.

With Florida Radon Mold & Air Conditioning LLC, you get a trusted professional for your radon detection. Relying on an expert can give you complete assurance that all steps will be taken to accurately measure the radon levels in your space. When you need reliable results about your radon, contact our experts for an assessment.

How Our Detection Works

Many of our clients are curious about how our radon detection method works. We’ve spent years perfecting our processes, which allows us to promise increased accuracy with our results.

At Florida Radon Mold & Air Conditioning LLC, we can apply two different kinds of tests: active tests and passive electret tests.

Active tests employ a digital monitoring device to track the amount of radon in the air. These require monitoring by trained professionals who continuously check and record the data on what they find. Passive electret tests are different because they must sit in a space for a given amount of time without actively measuring the radon and then be sent to a lab for processing. Both methods are highly accurate, and we’re constantly implementing new technology as it becomes available.

We use radon testing methods backed by science to help us get the most precise understanding of the radon content in your building. Contact (239) 821-4567 to book a professional technician to check the radon level in your home or business.

Clean Air Now

Everyone wants to breathe clean air in their home. With our radon testing services, you can find out exactly how clean your air is. In the event that our testers find high levels of radon in the air, we will devise a plan to lower the radon levels. In most cases, homeowners can ward off radon emissions by sealing off holes in their basement, such as the primary floor drain.

A Healthier Space with Radon Detection

Whether your building is a commercial or residential space, we know how important it is to keep it healthy. The air we breathe has a significant impact on our health and well-being. With radon detection from Florida Radon Mold & Air Conditioning LLC, you can ensure that you’re limiting the harmful radioactive radon in your air and promoting a healthier space for you, your family, and your customers.

We’re the radon professionals who put your safety first. Don’t wonder about the safety of the air you breathe. Contact our team at (239) 821-4567 to schedule a fast radon detection appointment.

Fast and Efficient Radon Testing

The radon testing kits that homeowners purchase for their own personal use can be effective, but it can sometimes take months to acquire the information you need. We deploy ”time-integrated” testing measures that promise greater accuracy and take significantly less time. Why wait months and months for a result when you can get answers in as little time as 48 hours?

Great Rates on Testing

We want every homeowner and business owner in our community to have access to our services. With rates like ours, we feel confident that you’ll be able to book a radon test when the time comes. Between our upfront affordability and the promise of an accurate test, you’ll see great returns on your investment.

Florida Radon Mold & Air Conditioning LLC has been providing radon testing and related services in Miami for many years. We take pride in helping home and business owners in our community feel safe in their spaces, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

Whether you have just moved into a new property, or if you’re concerned about radon gas for any reason, reach our expert team at (239) 821-4567 and book an inspection today. We make the scheduling process as simple as can be, ensuring you never have to wait long to acquire peace of mind. Look to us when you need to test the air quality for contaminants of any kind.


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Understanding the Importance of Radon Inspection

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally when metals break down in groundwater, rocks, and soil. It is likely that every home and business building has some level of radon in the air, but high levels can be detrimental to human health.

Long-term radon exposure can cause lung cancer and other illnesses, so testing the level of radon in your atmosphere is essential.

Because radon is invisible and odorless, the only way to detect it is to test for it and Florida Radon Mold & Air Conditioning LLC would be happy to do the job for you.

Contact us to book your test today.

Schedule a Radon Test at Your Convenience

Our experts understand that many of our clients lead busy lives, and we’ll do all we can to accommodate your schedule while prioritizing the safety of your home or business space. You’ll never have to have our technicians in your space at a time that’s inconvenient for you. You can choose a day that works best for your schedule to get a radon test, and we’ll be able to send a specialist right away.

Radon tests don’t take long to complete, but getting the results back from the test could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The timeframe makes it essential that you schedule a radon appointment at your soonest convenience. Book an assessment today! Your health may depend on it.

Radon Test Home Inspection from Seasoned Professionals

If you are moving into a new home, for example, you may want to schedule your radon testing before you move in. Newly built homes sometimes have a tendency to upset the ground beneath and around the foundation. When that happens, it is always possible that the uranium in the rock and soil has released radon into the air. Radon might be odorless and tasteless, but there is no reason a homeowner should let this gas contaminate the atmosphere.

While radon tests can be a DIY project, we don’t recommend it. Our experts have plenty of experience testing for radon, and you can rest assured that our methods are accurate.

Not only will our team be able to easily detect the radon levels in your home, but we can give you tips on how to reduce these levels in the future.

Competitive Rates on Radon Detection

Florida Radon Mold & Air Conditioning LLC is proud to offer radon testing to a range of unique clients in Miami and the surrounding area, and we want our services to be as accessible as possible – which is why we offer great pricing. When you choose to work with our team, you can expect rates that are:

  • Competitive
  • Fair
  • Transparent
  • Clearly communicated

If you want to know how much a typical radon test will cost, let our team know. We’ll be happy to provide you with this information.

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